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Success comes with choosing great partners you know you can count on. Here's what some of our partners think about underwriting with WWFM The Classical Network.

"At least twice a week I receive a 'shout out' on the street and people come up to me at cocktail parties to tell me that they "wake up to my message" each morning on WWFM.... People are hearing our underwriting message."

Todd Lincoln
Vice President
Princeton Office

"Underwriting with WWFM allows the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra to reach a highly segmented market at a very competitive price. Through a media sponsorship, we are able to increase our visibility in the region at a level beyond what traditional advertising provides."

Geoff Anderson
Marketing Manager
New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

"WWFM has been and continues to be a distinguished partner that works above and beyond what is expected to ensure that their highly qualified and loyal audience is aware of Jacobs Music, the products we offer and the professionalism with which we operate."

Mark Love
Senior Vice President Development
Jacobs Music

"The State Theatre, a non-profit organization, is a proud supporter of WWFM. They support and advance our mission through the quality of their broadcasts. We market to the local surrounding areas of central New Jersey and they help us to reach out to these communities."

Kelly Skinner
Director of Public Relations
The State Theatre

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