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Curtis Calls!
Mondays at 10 pm and Wednesdays at noon (Encore)
Hosted by Carl Hemmingsen

Join us for concert performances by the talented students and the faculty of Philadelphia's prestigious Curtis Institute of Music.

These webcasts are made possible by contributions from The Classical Network listener-members. If you like what you hear, please support our webcasts by becoming a member of The Classical Network.Thank you!



April 11
Listen Here
Featuring: Wade Coufal, bassoon, Eunice Kim, violin, Shuangshuang Liu, viola, Rainer Eudeikis, cello, Amy J. Yang, piano, Xavier Foley, double bass, Bryan Anderson, harpsichord.

April 4
Listen Here

March 28
Listen Here
Featuring: Won Suk Lee, percussion, Neil Rao, percussion, Yibing Wang, percussion, Shiqi Zhong, percussion/marimba, Shannon Lee, violin, Slavko Popovic, clarinet.

March 21
Listen Here
Featuring: Catherine Chen, bassoon, Hugh Sung, piano, Abigail Fayette, violin, Sung Jin Lee, viola, Zachary Mowitz, cello, Marie Rossano, violin, Stephen Tavani, violin, Laura Park, violin, Zsche Chuang Rimbo Wong, viola, Chen Cao, cello, Robin Brawley, double bass, William Welter, oboe, Joshua Lauretig, oboe, Amit Melzer, horn, Ray Seong Jin Han, horn, Kensho Watanabe, conductor.

March 14
Listen Here
Featuring: Brandon Garbot, violin, Jia Cheng Xiong, piano, Corbin Stair, oboe, Slavko Popovic, clarinet, Catherine Chen, bassoon, Amit Melzer, horn, Hugh Sung, piano.

March 7
Listen Here
Featuring: Arlen Hlusko, cello, Amy J. Yang, piano.

February 29
Listen Here
Featuring: Ray Seong Jin Han, horn, Laura Park, violin, Erika Gray, viola, Kunbo Xu, viola, Will Chow, cello. Zachary Mowitz, cello, Kate Liu, piano, Chelsea Wang, piano.

February 22
Listen Here
Featuring: Abigail Kent, harp, Emily Pogorelc, soprano, Danielle Orlando, piano, Laura Park, violin, Stephen Kim, violin, Zsche Chuang Rimbo Wong, viola, Oliver Aldort, cello, George Xiaoyuan Fu, piano.

February 15
Listen Here
Featuring: Evan LeRoy Johnson, tenor, Danielle Orlando, piano, Vartan Gabrielian, bass-baritone, Zitong Wang, piano, Lydia Roth, flute, William Welter, oboe, Slavko Popovic, clarinet, Joshua Butcher, bassoon, Ray Seong Jin Han, horn, Clara Gerdes, piano.

February 8
Listen Here
Featuring: Andrew Hsu, piano, Gergana Haralampieva, Eric Huckins, horn, Daniel Hsu, piano, Eunice Kim, violin, William Welter, oboe, Ania Filochowska, violin, Hyeri Shin, viola, Zachary Mowitz, cello.

February 1
Listen Here
Featuring: Ashley Hsu, piano, Elena Jivaeva, piano, Niles Watson, flute, Hugh Sung, piano, Nian Wang, mezzo-soprano, Danielle Orlando, piano.

January 25
Listen Here
Featuring: Ashley Hsu, piano.

January 18
Listen Here
Featuring: Hae Sue Lee, viola, Janice Carissa, piano, Joseph Russell, organ.

January 11
Listen Here
Featuring: Zitong Wang, piano, Amit Melzer, horn, Jungeun Kim, piano.

January 4
Listen Here
Featuring: Stephen Waarts, violin, Amy J. Yang, piano, George Xiaoyuan Fu, piano, Stanislav Chernyshev, clarinet, Catherine Chen, bassoon.


December 28
Listen Here
Featuring: Linzi Pan, piano, Anthony Reed, bass, Danielle Orlando, piano, Emily Pogorelc, soprano, Samuel Boutris, clarinet, Clara Gerdes, piano.

December 21
Listen Here
Featuring: Janice Carissa, piano, Heather Stebbins, soprano, Rachel Sterrenberg, soprano, Jean-Michel Richer, tenor, Danielle Orlando, piano, Stephen Waarts, violin, Timotheos Petrin, cello, Chelsea Wang, piano, Eric Lu, piano.

December 14
Listen Here
Featuring: Wei Lu, piano, Janice Carissa, piano, Oliver Aldort, cello, Andrew Hsu, piano.

December 7
Listen Here
Featuring: Oliver Aldort, cello, Andrew Hsu, piano.






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