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Jorge Bolet – A Centenary Celebration

Produced by Jon M. Samuels

Engineered by Jon M. Samuels and Joseph Patrych

Hosted by Jon M. Samuels and Joseph Patrych

All music played by Jorge Bolet

First hour

Music and interviews

1) 0:53 Liszt: Sonata in b – conclusion Everest EVC 9015

2) 5:50 Jorge Bolet talks about his childhood lessons with his sister Maria, and his early lessons with David Saperton.

3) 8:12 Bach-Liszt: Fugue in g, BWV 542 courtesy of Marston Records

4) 14:01 Jorge Bolet talks about his playing at a salon in Cuba and how that lead to his entering the Curtis Institute of Music.

5) 18:28 Lecuona: Afro Cubanos – No. 3, …y la Negra Bailaba! APR 6009

6) 21:16 Jorge Bolet talks about how quickly he learned new repertoire as a student.

7) 22:02 Chopin: Waltz in e, Op. Pst. courtesy of Marston Records

8) 26:41 Mr. Bolet talks about the great pianists who influenced him.

9) 29:00 Rachmaninoff: Prelude in f, Op. 32, No. 6 courtesy of Marston Records

Francis Crociata, President of the Leo Sowerby Foundation, longtime scholar of Sergei Rachmaninoff and Jorge Bolet, co-Producer of the upcoming Marston set

10) 31:49 Mr. Crociata explains why Jorge Bolet’s career was slow to take off.

11) 34:43 Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 2 in g, Op. 16 – II (Thor Johnson, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra) APR 6009

12) 39:04 Mr. Crociata talks about the 1970 International Piano Library benefit, and Gregor Benko’s discovery of Jorge Bolet.

13) 40:16 Liszt: Reminiscences of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor, S. 397 courtesy of Marston Records

14) 46:53 Beverly Sills says if Bolet is going to upstage her by playing Lucia, she should sing the “Minute” Waltz courtesy  of Marston Records

15) 48:16 Mr. Crociata talks about his own personal discovery of Jorge Bolet, and what made Bolet unique.

16) 51:04 Liszt: Etude de concerts No. 3 - Un sospiro BMG Classics 09026-63748-2

All music played by Jorge Bolet

Second hour

Music and interviews

Dr. Frank Cooper, Professor Emeritus of Musicology, concert pianist, founder of the Butler University Festival of Neglected Romantic Music

1) 0:33 Professor Cooper talks about the origins of the Butler Romantic Festival, Jorge Bolet’s role in the Festival, and his learning the Tannhäuser Overture for one of their concerts.

2) 4:13 Wagner-Liszt: Tannhäuser Overture Sony Classical 88843014722

3) 22:22 Professor Cooper talks about how the Arnhem Romantic Festival was founded, and his role in Jorge Bolet’s spectacular solo recital there.

4) 24:28 J. Strauss II-Tausig: Nachtfalter, Op. 157 courtesy of Marston Records

5) 32:13 Jorge Bolet talks about his teaching philosophy; demonstrating by playing to students.

6) 33:53 Debussy: Prelude No. 12, Book II, “Feux d’Artifice” courtesy of Marston Records

Ira Levin is a distinguished conductor and pianist, and former student and later assistant to Jorge Bolet. He is currently the Principal Guest Conductor of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

7) 38:31 Maestro Levin talks about what he learned from Jorge Bolet; Mr. Bolet’s teaching philosophy, his demonstrating by playing to students, how it worked for him, but not for everyone.

8) 40:41 Schubert-Liszt: Die Schöne Mullerin, D. 795 – No. 1, Das Wandern Decca 0289 480 7363 4

9) 43:50 Maestro Levin talks about Bolet’s natural reticence; similar to Leopold Godowsky – played better privately, not as well on records.

10) 47:03 Godowsky: Chopin Study No. 12 in Gb (Inversion, on the black keys, Op. 10, No. 5) courtesy of Marston Records

11) 50:27 Chausson: Concert for Piano, Violin and String Quartet (Itzhak Perlman, Juilliard Quartet) – II CBS MK 37814 (1983)

12) 56:05 Last word – Jorge Bolet on never being satisfied.

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