Celebrating Our Musical Future - Monday at 8 pm

Music composed by students at the Curtis Institute of Music - Viet Cuong, Andrew Moses and Nick DiBerardino.

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Bach at One - Mondays at 1 pm

Enjoy music by Bach from Trinity-Wall Street, the Bach Choir of Bethlehem, Choral Arts Philadelphia and others every Monday.

Exploring Music - Weeknights at 7 pm

This week: "Dvorák, Tchaikovsky & Borodin String Quartets."
Enjoy world-class performances by the students of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia Wednesdays at noon and an encore broadcast Mondays at 10 pm.
Between the Keys always finds Jed taking the listener on a creative and unique musical journey. Enjoy this program Tuesdays at 10 pm.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Tuesday at 8 pm

Concert Master Robert Chen presents Mozart's carefree and intimate Violin Concerto No. 3, and also Mozart's 2nd Flute Concerto and Symphony No. 25

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Arts and Cultural News Headlines

Photo by Matthew Murpjy)

The popular and bizarre film Beetlejuice is now a Broadway musical starring Alex Brightman. Hear Theater Critic Howard Shapiro's review of the musical now playing at the Winter Garden this Friday (5/17) at 8 am and Saturday (5/18) at 10 am.

Photo by David Allee

Classical music ensembles and promoters are increasingly scouting out creative venues and themes to attract new audiences to performances, and producer/publicist Andrew Ousley has turned to crypts and catacombs for new concert series in New York. This Saturday (5/18 at 7 pm), A Tempo host Rachel Katz will speak with Ousley about these initiatives, and the way these efforts are drawing in people who might not otherwise attend a classical music performance.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Carnegie Hall has been exploring the impact of immigration and migration on the development of American music this Spring, including concerts highlighting the influence of the Scots Irish, Jewish immigrants, and the migration of African Americans from the South to Northern cities after the Civil War. The series culminates May 19 with a concert performance, "Soul Mechanism," comprised of works written by participants in its Weill Music Institute's songwriting programs, and A Tempo this Saturday (5/11 at 7 pm) features conversations with some of the participants about their music.

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