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'Who Can You Trust?' Faith In Institutions Is Low As Tech Changes Everything

The cover of Rachel Botsman's book, "Who Can You Trust?"
The cover of Rachel Botsman's book, "Who Can You Trust?"

With faith in institutions at historic lows and technology changing the way we live, who can you trust? We talk to an author who wrote a book that explored the question.

With guest host Jane Clayson. This show airs Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST.


Rachel Botsman, author of “Who Can You Trust? How Technology Brought Us Together And Why It Might Drive Us Apart” (@rachelbotsman)

From Jane’s Reading List:

Excerpt of “Who Can You Trust?” 

Trust in banks, government, religion, the media has long been at record lows. It’s tempting to say that we can’t trust anyone anymore. But trust is still there. With the touch on a screen, millions of people rent their homes to, or jump in cars with, total strangers. We buy stuff online without knowing anything about the seller, other than how many five star ratings they have. Technology has fundamentally changed how and who we trust. This hour, On Point: who can we, do we, trust? —Jane Clayson

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