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Violinist Lucia Micarelli Does It All — Touring, Recording, Acting And More

Lucia Micarelli. (Solaiman Fazel)
Lucia Micarelli. (Solaiman Fazel)

This program originally broadcast on September 17, 2018 with Meghna Chakrabarti.

Violinist Lucia Micarelli defies the limits of what music can be played on a violin. She’s with us.


Lucia Micarelli, violinist. Her new album “An Evening With Lucia Micarelli” will be released Sept. 28. (@theloosh)

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Las Vegas Magazine: “Q&A: Lucia Micarelli” — “Violinist Lucia Micarelli established herself in the classical music world before age 21 by serving as concertmaster for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, then Josh Groban. She subsequently toured with Jethro Tull and Chris Botti before being cast in the HBO series Treme, which led to her absorbing an eclectic range of musical styles. Micarelli spoke with Las Vegas Magazine’s Matt Kelemen about blending classical music and classic rock, and the practice of practicing. She performs at the Smith Center on March 22-23.

“How do you maintain your skills at this stage? Do you practice scales when you can, or set aside time when your schedule doesn’t include rehearsing for shows?

“Oh, yeah, I set aside time every day. I still … what is it like to practice at this point? It’s still just as hard as it ever was. There’s just endless work to do. You can always refine things and make it better. And also it’s not something where just because you get the information in, it necessarily stays. Every day is different. You’re still doing something physically. It is physical, mostly. It’s a physical craft, so if you skip a day or skip two days, or skip a week, it’s probably the same as if you were an athlete and skipped training for a week. When you come back you don’t have as good of a time, your lungs aren’t working as well (laughs). It’s still a commitment every day, and it’s, uh … it’s my sacred time. I’m pretty crazy about it.

“I imagine you can take yourself into some pretty amazing places with all of the musical directions you’ve explored.

“(Laughs) That’s very nice of you. I am trying to do the music that I love justice. I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve met so many incredible people and have kind of been exposed to a lot of different styles of things, so therefore have fallen in love with a lot of different styles of music. I’m in no means an expert in any of those areas, so there’s plenty to practice for, you know? Whether it’s working on technique and virtuosity in classical stuff, or just trying to have a more refined interpretation, or more nuance in my sound in jazz stuff, there’s always things that I’m trying to get better at and still try to refine. I do think that part of what keeps it interesting is that I play so many different kinds of music now, so I’ve always got something to practice. And there’s always something that doesn’t sound quite right to me, so …

The News & Observer: “Lucia Micarelli grew up on classical music. She’s since devoured jazz, pop and rock.” — “After Lucia Micarelli won a violin competition while coming of age in New York, she headed off to Sizzler to celebrate.

“‘That was my reward, and I would order the steak and baked potato and just live it up,’ Micarelli recalls with a laugh. ‘It was the coolest thing for a kid. It was what I lived for.’

“And what happened when Micarelli, 34, failed to take first place? ‘It was back to the practice room for me,’ she says.

“Endless practice sessions paid off for Micarelli, who has become an acclaimed violinist with an esteemed resume. Micarelli, who will perform Friday at the Cary Arts Center, has made a name for herself as a solo recording artist.”

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