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Britain's Gilmore Girl

Detail from the cover for Gilmore's CD 'Avalanche.'
Detail from the cover for Gilmore's CD 'Avalanche.'

British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore is just 24, but last fall she released her fifth CD, Avalanche. Her engaging tunes are matched by thought-provoking lyrics, reflecting the influences of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello and the Replacements.

When NPR's Linda Wertheimer spoke with Gilmore about her music, the artist agreed that her lyrics have a darker, challenging edge. "I'm always saying 'Wake up and pay attention!'" Gilmore admits. "I never say anthing else."

An astute observer of modern culture, Gilmore's mission is focused on what she sees as her generation's apathy and inattention. She's careful to mention that the message is often aimed inward as well, revealing her own tendency at times to take the easy way out.

Still, the message rocks, and Avalanche delivers it in a way that's attracting fans in in the U.S. just as her earlier albums have done in Britain.

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Linda Wertheimer
As NPR's senior national correspondent, Linda Wertheimer travels the country and the globe for NPR News, bringing her unique insights and wealth of experience to bear on the day's top news stories.