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While 'Waiting on a Train,' a Song Comes Along

Storyteller Mitch Myers recalls an encounter on a subway platform with singer/songwriter Kathleen Mock. While he was waiting for a train, she was playing her song, "Waiting on a Train."

Here's what Mock has to say about the song:

"I wrote this after many years playing in the subway. Almost everyday. It is how I support myself now for years. I moved here in 1986 and started playing the streets and 18 years later I'm still here. I've never had any other source of income. Just quarters, dimes, and nickels.

"Well, there have been many dollars too.

"I've done many shows above ground but this is my real support and I love it still. My own boss. My own hours. I am a real part of my community that I live in and play music in."

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Mitch Myers