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Good Morning Pakistan: Albert Brooks on the Move

Albert Brooks has a new movie: Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. In it, he plays himself -- and the comedian is sent to India and Pakistan by the State Department to find out what makes Muslims laugh.

It's all part of a grand plan to get at the kernel of Muslim culture. Along the way, Brooks gives a comedy concert in New Delhi; visits the Taj Mahal; and is shepherded to a secret location in the mountains of Pakistan. Trailed by two State Department handlers and an attractive assistant, Brooks navigates the misunderstandings that can arise between two comparatively isolated cultures: Hollywood and Islam.

A writer and producer, Brooks' other films include Real Life; Modern Romance; Lost in America; Defending Your Life; and Mother. His acting career has spanned a range of films, as well: He has appeared in Taxi Driver, Broadcast News and I'll Do Anything, among others.

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