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A Country Song Springs to Life

Idgy Vaughn seems to exist out of time, like a classic country singer from the '50s.
Idgy Vaughn seems to exist out of time, like a classic country singer from the '50s.

As she steps to the microphone in her sundress, holding her jumbo-sized guitar, Idgy Vaughn looks out of time somehow, like a classic country singer from the '50s. Even her story resembles an old country song come to life: A single mom moves from Illinois to Austin, Texas, and works as a truck-stop waitress until one day, one of her coffee-sipping regulars wins the lottery and loans her the money she needs to chase her dream as a singer-songwriter.

That's actually how Vaughn's debut CD, Origin Story, came about. A winner of the prestigious Kerrville New Folk Competition in 2004, Vaughn has already established her gifts as a songwriter. Now, with a delicate voice reminiscent of Nanci Griffith's and a support crew featuring an impressive assortment of Austin-based musical talent, Vaughn straddles the line between contemporary folk-pop and traditional country, offering 10 subtly hued yet largely autobiographical stories.

One of the most affecting is "Good Enough," a song about a daughter losing her mother's love — and that, sadly, was inspired by a nightmarish child-custody battle with her own disapproving parents. Vaughn's debut may or may not make a big splash, but it resonates with a rare authenticity.

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