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Vocal Impressions: Hearing Voices, Round Five

Commentator Brian McConnachie has been asking listeners to describe their impressions of famous voices. In his last challenge, he asked listeners to describe the voices of Mick Jagger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barry White and Luciano Pavarotti. You can read those results below.

McConnachie also offers up four new voices: Elvis Presley, Phyllis Diller, Celine Dion and Bobby Short.

Listeners' Responses

Updated July 16, 2007

Last month, the voices you were invited to describe included Elvis Presley, who triggered memories of the backseats of Chevys; Phyllis Diller, who reminded many of a loopy aunt; and Bobby Short, who brought to mind understated sophistication. But Celine Dion's fan base stayed away from the contest. Below are the best of the descriptions you sent in.

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Brian McConnachie