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A Tempo: Sept. 2 - Harvey's Aftermath for Houston's Performing Arts; and A New Life for the Boychoir

Houston's Theater District, the second largest in the U.S. in terms of seats in a concentrated area, is home to the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet and Alley Theater, and has faced severe flooding during Hurricane Harvey.  A Tempo this Saturday at 7 pm looks at some of the initial reports of damage to this area and these institutions, as well as how these organizations are looking ahead to their recovery.

Host Rachel Katz will speak with Molly Glentzer, arts critic at the Houston Chronicle, Rebecca Reale, a violinist with the Houston Symphony, who is one of several musicians performing for residents at area shelters, and Alan Valentine, president and CEO of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, which faced a daunting recovery of its own after massive flooding of its performance venue in 2010.

This week's program will also feature a conversation about the Princeton Girlchoir's plans to preserve part of the American Boychoir's legacy by launching its own boychoir division. Guests will be Girlchoir Executive Director Hilary Butler and Artistic Director Lynnel Joy Jenkins, as well as Paul Meads, the former director of vocal studies at the American Boychoir School who will lead the new division.

Additional comments by Houston Chronicle Arts Critic Molly Glentzer about the impact of Hurricane Harvey on the city's arts community.
A Tempo host speaks with Alan Valentine, President and CEO of the Nashville Symphony about how severe flooding in 2010 affected the orchestra and what recovery challenges might lay ahead in Houston.

Rachel Katz is the host of A Tempo which airs Saturdays at 7 pm.
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