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Hanna Rosin: Data Shows Women Have Progressed. But What's Next?

Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode The Story Behind The Numbers.

About Hanna Rosin's TED Talk

Post-recession, journalist Hanna Rosin noticed an economic shift: jobs dominated by men were on the decline, jobs dominated by women were on the rise. But does that data signify meaningful progress?

About Hanna Rosin

Hanna Rosin is the co-host of the NPR podcast Invisibilia.

Rosin has written for several publications. Most recently she served as national correspondent to The Atlantic. Previously, Rosin was a contributor to Slate and founder of its women's site, DoubleX. She still co-hosts the podcast DoubleX Gabfest.

She's the author of The End of Men: And The Rise of Womenwhere she chronicles the economic and cultural shifts that are upending male dominance. The book was based on her 2010 story in The Atlantic — and she gave the opening talk at the first TEDWomen conference on the topic. Rosin is also the author of God's Harvard: A Christian College On A Mission To Save America.

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