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Lost In The World Of Audio Fiction

Producer Morgan Givens working on his audio fiction podcast, "Flyest Fables."
Producer Morgan Givens working on his audio fiction podcast, "Flyest Fables."

Audio fiction is to podcasts as broadcast dramas are to live radio. As audio has gone on-demand, so has its own brand of storytelling.

At the beginning, fiction podcasts seemed to be the refuge of sci-fi nerds and horror enthusiasts. Shows like “Welcome to Night Vale” and “Hello From the Magic Tavern” spooked and delighted listeners.

Now, there’s a story for everyone. A listener can find everything from stories starring their favorite comic book heroes to stories about a trucker trying to find her missing wife.

You might even be able to find a series of stories produced by someone working on your (cough) favorite public radio show.

Who’s writing audio fiction? How difficult is it to produce? And where’s it headed next?

Produced by Morgan Givens.


Elena Fernández Collins, Podcast critic and journalist; @ShoMarq

James Kim, Creator and producer, “Moonface” podcast; @TooManyJames_s

Lisette Alvarez, Writer and producer, “Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services”; @lisettewalking

David Rheinstrom, Host, “Radio Drama Revival” podcast; @IcarusFloats

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