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The Bossa's Daughter

CD cover of 'Bebel Gilberto.'
CD cover of 'Bebel Gilberto.'

Singer Bebel Gilberto has two tough acts to follow. Her father Joao is a legend in their native Brazil, having pioneered the nation's bossa nova sound. And her debut CD, 2000's Tanto Tempo, sold over a million copies. Now comes the challenge of a second album.

Gilberto's sound on the self-titled effort combines elements of contemporary electronic music with lush production and a solid foundation in the bossa nova style. Add in the singer's silky-smoky vocals, and it's clear why Tanto Tempo has been such a success.

But unlike that all-Portuguese first album, her new CD features half of the songs in English, a reflection of the fact that Gilberto has now lived in the United States for more than a dozen years.

She says many of the initial song ideas for the disc came to her in English, as with the track "All Around." Gilberto performs "All Around" during the interview, accompanied by guitarist Masa Shimizu and singer Pedro Baby.

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