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Listening to the Movies: 'The Passion of the Christ'


Composer John Debney built a reputation writing the scores for light films, comedies and the occasional action flick. But shortly after finishing the music for Bruce Almighty and Elf, Debney took a complete departure from comedy to write the score for one of the year's most controversial dramas: The Passion of the Christ. The music earned him his first Oscar nomination.

In the final part of Weekend Edition Sunday's annual Oscar music series, NPR's movie music buff Andy Trudeau listens to the music of The Passion of the Christ and offers his pick for the year's best film score.

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Sheilah Kast
Sheilah Kast joined NPR in November 2003 as the weekend newscaster for "PBS/NPR Newsbrief," the hourly 30-second television news reports produced by NPR for PBS stations.
Andy Trudeau