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A Blues and Country Collection for Collectors

Sure, you know Robert Johnson's blues. But how about his early influence, Son House? And you may be a country fan, but have you ever heard the Georgia Potlickers go at it?

A new CD, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, gathers rare early blues and country recordings... including a few that have not been compiled before.

Richard Nevins, who put together the compilation, offers this subtitle: "The Dead Sea Scrolls of Record Collecting."

Some pieces are merely rare. Others had slipped from modern memory until Nevins found them.

His new discoveries include two works by Son House, the Mississippi blues pioneer. Also on the list of recordings tracked down by Nevins, president of Yazoo Records, is a tune by the afore-mentioned Georgia Potlickers, "Up Jumped the Rabbit."

Nevins tells Debbie Elliott about the project.

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