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Anti-Consumerism in an Accessible Package

As great as albums are, there's something special about a single, especially if it's a band's only output. When there are only one or two songs to choose from, it creates a bit of mystery and excitement: A single teases more material to come, and it changes a song's context entirely.

The London duo Johnny Boy returns to this great tradition with "You Are the Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve," a single that's as catchy as its title is long. With a sound rooted in '60s girl-group anthems, it's an underground pop masterpiece: Sly and timeless, it works on multiple levels.

Incorporating a wall of sound worthy of Phil Spector -- complete with intense strings and crashing cymbals -- Johnny Boy converts its wordy and unmistakable message into a chorus that's never as unwieldy as it should be. The title is rumored to refer to TV's Sex and the City, but that just adds to the mystery. Luckily, the B-side is terrific, too.

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John Richards
John Richards is the host and producer of The Morning Show with John on 90.3 FM KEXP Seattle, and online at He is also KEXP's assistant program director.