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Sounds of a Perfect Summer Day

For deep-house fans who dwell in a big city, ace percussionist Luisito Quintero's "Love Remains the Same" functions as the perfect soundtrack to the perfect summer day. This Afro-Latin-inflected track captures all the carefree bliss of strolling through crowds on a warm, breezy afternoon when everyone sparkles with a sun-kissed glow and each hour unfolds with newfound wonder.

Like that perfect day, "Love Remains the Same" dances to an irrepressible cha-cha groove, made even more mesmerizing by Quintero's splendid rhythmic bed and soulful vocals by deep-house legend Blaze. Produced by the incomparable Louie Vega (half of Masters at Work), the song benefits from Quintero's tendency to play with musically minded DJs who help forge warm analog grooves.

"Love Remains the Same" serves as a brilliant example of what happens when superb musicianship accompanies equally adept production. Vega's elements of electronica are essential to the song's burnished veneer, but they're also sublimely tucked beneath the surface, allowing plenty of room for Quintero's percussion syncopations and Blaze's ecstatic choruses to shine like the sun on a perfect day.

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John Murph
John Murph writes about music and culture and works as a web producer for He also contributes regularly to The Washington Post Express, JazzTimes, Down Beat, and JazzWise magazines.