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Rapper Mr. Lif, Back with 'Mo Mega'

It's hard enough for mainstream rappers to hold on to a long career in the hyper-competitive hip-hop world. For an "independent" artist who charts his or her own path, it's doubly difficult without the support of a major record label to promote a CD and support a tour.

But veteran artist Mr. Lif has thrived in the independent rap scene, where he's found fertile ground for his aggressively political themes and raw production style. His new solo CD Mo' Mega -- a follow-up to his smash debut I Phantom -- represents Lif's trademark sound: naturally flowing, mind-engaging and just a little dangerous.

In 2005, Mr. Lif joined forces with longtime friends Akrobatik and DJ Fakts One to form The Perceptionists, and their debut CD Black Dialogue was hailed by critics and fans alike.

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Christopher Johnson