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Yo-Yo Ma's Top Five Faves

Yo-Yo Ma picks his favorite albums.
Todd Rosenberg
Sony Classical
Yo-Yo Ma picks his favorite albums.

Is there anything Yo-Yo Ma hasn't tried, musically? Working in genres ranging from romantic concertos to sensual tangos, from Bach to bluegrass to Brazilian samba, Ma has described himself as a "venture culturalist"—criss-crossing several continents and playing ancient Asian music with his band of musicians known as the Silk Road Ensemble.

For a man with a musical appetite as wide as the world, it could not have been easy to pick five favorite recordings. But he did, and he took the time to make a few comments on them.

Yo-Yo Ma's latest recording is 'New Impossibilities' on the Sony Classical label.

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Yo-Yo Ma