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Dinner With The Dead: Missy Mazzoli Meets Mozart

This week we're asking: Which composer would you bring back from the dead for dinner? Tell us your pick in the comments section. Below, composer Missy Mazzoli makes a rendezvous with Mozart.

I'm going to have to betray Beethoven -- my true love -- and admit that I'd much rather have dinner with Mozart.  He was a great dancer, a fantastic dresser, and had, by all accounts, a raucous (and amusingly dirty) sense of humor.

I'm becoming obsessed with Bach for the third or fourth time in my life, and would love to talk to a 29-year-old Mozart as he also was discovering Bach, poring over original manuscripts and re-thinking the role of counterpoint in his work.

Rossini would be a better cook, Beethoven would match me in coffee consumption and Mussorgsky could probably drink me under the table, but Mozart wins for all-around best dinner date.

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Missy Mazzoli is the founder and leader of the ensemble Victoire. Their debut album, 'Cathedral City,' was released Sept. 13.

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