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Poulenc, Palestrina And Two-By-Fours: New Classical Albums

This beautiful wooden box houses the new Michael Gordon piece, <em>Timber</em>, scored for six percussionists and six two-by-fours.
Cantaloupe Records
This beautiful wooden box houses the new Michael Gordon piece, Timber, scored for six percussionists and six two-by-fours.

The news may bring us stories of bankrupt symphony orchestras, floundering opera companies and shuttered record stores, but musicians keep making excellent recordings, often releasing them on small labels. That's the thread running through the broad range of classical albums that NPR Music's Tom Huizenga spins for Weekend All Things Considered host Guy Raz. The independent, Paris-based Zig Zag Territories label has released a sparkling new recording of Poulenc's Concerto for Two Pianos with the innovative original instruments band Anima Eterna. The acclaimed British choir called The Sixteen has started up its own label and an ambitious Palestrina project. And then there's the packaging (by the Cantaloupe label) for Michael Gordon's new work Timber. The music is nothing more than six guys pounding on two-by-fours (it sounds surprisingly sublime), and the CD comes in a stunning wooden box. Hats off to the small labels who continue to keep music vibrantly alive.

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Tom Huizenga is a producer for NPR Music. He contributes a wide range of stories about classical music to NPR's news programs and is the classical music reviewer for All Things Considered. He appears regularly on NPR Music podcasts and founded NPR's classical music blog Deceptive Cadence in 2010.