Estate Planning

Estate Planning - Join Our Perpetuo Circle


Consider the wealth that classical music brings to your life. The richness of the programming at WWFM has often been described by our members and listeners as their lifeline or their best friend, an ever welcome part of the family that brings warmth and joy into their lives. We ask you to take a minute and imagine how empty the world would be without fine classical music, and then to consider making a planned gift to ensure that the music will continue flowing in the years to come. Your legacy can take many forms. A bequest in your will, making WWFM a beneficiary on a life insurance policy and gifts of stock or real estate are just some of the options when you plan a gift.

If you are interested in making a planned gift, contact your financial advisor, or you may e-mail Alice Weiss at or call 609-587-8989, or drop a note to us at WWFM, Planned Gifts Department, Mercer County Community College, P.O. Box 17202, Trenton, NJ, 08690. 

When making a gift by will to WWFM, we recommend the following language:
"I hereby give to WWFM, by way of Mercer County Community College, a New Jersey not-for-profit organization, with its principal place of business in Trenton, New Jersey:

The sum of $_____________________.
(to give a specific monetary gift)

The following described property: ____________________________________. 
(to give specific property)

_________% of the residue of my estate. 
(to give a percentage of your estate)"

NOTE: Before listing specific property, please call the station to determine if WWFM can accept such property.

When you decide to remember WWFM in your will, please notify WWFM's Development Office at 609-587-8989. All inquiries will be handled in confidence.


Neither WWFM The Classical Network, its employees or representatives, can offer legal or financial advice to you, nor is the information provided on this Web site a substitute for the advice of an attorney, financial advisor, estate planning professional, accountant or other appropriate professional. The information provided here is simply to acquaint you with the ways in which you may support WWFM's non-profit mission. Please consult with your own professional planner.