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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a WWFM member?

A. Give us a call anytime! Our phone number is 609.587.8989 or 1.888.232.1212. Use your Mastercard, Visa, Discover, or American Express, or send us a check made payable to WWFM. Our mailing address is: WWFM The Classical Network, Attention Membership Department, 1200 Old Trenton Road, West Windsor, NJ, 08550. Our studios are located at Mercer County Community College, 1200 Old Trenton, Road, West Windsor, NJ, 08550.

Q. How much is the basic membership?

A. There is no minimum membership level. If every listener gave what they could afford, we would easily meet our annual budget.

Q. What does a WWFM membership entitle me to?

A. The satisfaction of knowing you are helping assure the future of great programming from New Jersey's only full time classical music radio network.

Q. Is there a senior/student membership rate?

A. Yes, any amount you wish to contribute.

Q. Why do you ask for my phone number?

A. Occasionally, we have a question about your pledge regarding the correct spelling of your name or address and/or credit card account number verification/validation. You are not required to give your phone number, but it helps us to complete membership processing should we encounter a question.

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. We take your personal privacy seriously. We do not sell or give your information to any third parties. We do not allow vendors to work on our donor database system without direct staff supervision. You are not required to activate cookies to access our website. Our donation form is encrypted and your credit card number is not stored in our system. If you have more specific concerns, please call us. Your privacy matters to us.

Q. How do I become a WWFM volunteer?

A. Give us a call anytime at 609.587.8989, or toll-free, 1.888.232.1212.

Q. What does volunteering entail?

A. Generally, spending a few hours at our studios answering telephone calls during our membership campaigns and completing our listener pledge form; folding letters and stuffing envelopes for large mailings; occasional special projects help. As an added perk, you'll get to meet some wonderful volunteers and perhaps make new friends!

Q. How often will I get mailings from WWFM?

A. One month before your annual membership is due to expire you'll receive a friendly reminder in the mail. You can also look forward to receiving any membership Thank You Gift to which you may be entitled 4-6 weeks after you've made your contribution to WWFM.

Q. Who operates WWFM?

A. The Classical Network and JazzOn2 are operated by Mercer County Community College, the legal licensee of WWFM/WWCJ/WWPJ/WWNJ.  We operate under federal regulations (including the Federal Communications Commission, the  Corporation for Public Broadcasting,  and other federal regulatory agencies), state and county policies, and the policies of Mercer County Community College.

Q. Who governs WWFM?

A. The members of the MCCC Board of Trustees are also listed with the Federal Communications Commission as WWFM’s board members via the required FCC Ownership Report.  All MCCC board meetings (view schedule for on-campus meetings on this link) are publicly announced in advance and held in accordance with New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act. Executive Sessions of the Board are closed in accordance with New Jersey's Open Public Meetings Act. Details on the issues discussed in Executive Session are made public once they are acted on by the Board in public session. MCCC Board meeting monthly dates with coordinating agenda details and Zoom conferencing link are also announced in advance on the college's website homepage at Announcements about MCCC Board meetings are also aired in advance over WWFM The Classical Network radio.

Current MCCC Board of Trustees:
Kevin Drennan, Chair, Kristin Appelget, Vice Chair, Blanca Berrios-Ohler, Treasurer, Deborah E. Preston, Ph.D., MCCC President & Secretary, Mark Matzen, Julie Blake, Shannon Mason, Ph.D., Daryl Minus-Vincent, Lawrence A. Nespoli, D.Ed., Greg Puliti, Perry Lattiboudere, College Counsel

All meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Unless otherwise announced, meetings at the West Windsor Campus (WWC) are held in the Board Room (AD 107) in the Administration Building. Meetings at the James Kerney Campus (JKC) are held in Kerney Hall. For Virtual meetings link see links under "Who Governs WWFM" above.

Meeting Schedule 
July 21, 2022 - JKC
August 18, 2022 (if needed) - WWC
September 15, 2022 - WWC
October 20, 2022 - JKC
November 17, 2022 - WWC
December 8, 2022 - WWC
January 19, 2023 - WWC
February 16, 2023 - JKC
March 16, 2023 - WWC
April 20, 2023 - JKC
May 18, 2023 - WWC
June 15, 2023 - WWC

Q. What is WWFM’s tax-exempt status?

A. Donations to WWFM become tax-deductible under the 501(C)3 tax-exempt status of the MCCC Foundation.  All donations you earmark for WWFM flow through the foundation in their entirety to WWFM for the purpose you designate.  The Foundation’s Form 990 and other financial documents are publicly available and can be viewed here.

Q. How do I review your finances?

A. See links below for WWFM's annual audited financial statements. Financial statements for MCCC and the MCCC Foundation are updated annually and are publicly posted online here. WWFM's annual AFR, filed with CPB, is also a way to review WWFM finances; See the links below.

Q. How is my money used when I donate to WWFM…and why do you need my money?

A. See our annual AFR below which is filed with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is probably the most extensive overview of where WWFM receives money and how we use that money.  Of particular interest is the AFR’s Schedule E, which lists our revenues and expenses.  We hope you will understand clearly why we need listener support - your support - once you review our AFR.

The compensation figures disclosed on the MCCC Foundation's 990 do not include most executives of MCCC and WWFM because they are not employed by the Foundation. The compensation of many of the executives of our licensee, Mercer County Community College, and our station (WWFM) can be searched at The remainder can be searched at

Q. What are WWFM's diversity goals as a community arts institution and a public broadcaster?

A. MCCC and WWFM have an EEO plan in place based on federal and state laws, as well as county and college policies, to assure a diverse workforce and fair hiring practices. WWFM's diversity plan extends beyond equal employment opportunity, to affirmative action. Our annual diversity statement is linked below.

Q. Who runs WWFM on a daily basis?

Alice Weiss, Station Manager/Program Director

David Osenberg, Music Director/Partnership Manager

Marcia Carpino, Membership Coordinator

Rachel Katz, Production Manager