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Ayanna Gregory's 'Beautiful Flower'

Cover for Gregory's debut CD Beautiful Flower
Cover for Gregory's debut CD Beautiful Flower

For vocalist/writer/producer Ayanna Gregory, evoking emotions and raising the consciousness of her audiences comes naturally.

She's the daughter of Dick Gregory, the famed comedian, activist and trailblazing nutritionist. Her roots are steeped in the Freedom Movement of the 1960s.

She recently completed a four-year-long project, her debut CD Beautiful Flower — a collection of songs in unique styles and spoken word interludes.

The CD takes listeners on a musical journey of sorts, exploring the role of music in liberation struggles throughout history — from the Atlantic Ocean slave trade, to American slavery, to the Civil Rights Movement to the present.

The CD includes some very challenging renditions of Stevie Wonder's Feeding Off The Love of the Land and They Won't Go.

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