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A Troubled Life Leads to 'White Trash Girl'

The always outrageous blueswoman Candye Kane is back with a new album, White Trash Girl. With a history that includes poverty, gang life, and working in the sex industry, she has earned the right to sing the blues.

As a teenager, Kane turned her back on music, eventually making a living as the subject of photo shoots appearing in magazines like Hustler -- and as a columnist for Gent magazine.

The Los Angeles native eventually bridged the gap to music, blending country and punk in bands that she formed with friends. But when Kane landed a record deal in the late 1980s, her past crippled her chances for success.

After a period of not playing music -- and having a son and attending college instead -- Kane found a new outlet: the blues. Since the early 1990s, she has infused the bawdy blues tradition with her sense of humor and energy. And her touring schedule has become a legend in itself: Kane often plays more than 200 dates each year.

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