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Analog Players Society (feat. Masta Ace), 'Home in America'

"Home In America" is a collaboration between Analog Players Society, the NYC jazz ensemble, and the veteran MC Masta Ace. Backed by a mournful piano and saxophone, Ace taps into the feeling of alienation that so many Black folks feel living in a country that has refused to embrace us.

The images of racism and brutality that Ace illustrates from the past are just as immediate and relevant as the things we experience in the present. Through endless examples of American harm of Black people, Ace sums up an ambient feeling perfectly — flatly concluding that it's like someone took "the welcome mat and put a torch to it."

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John Morrison is a writer, DJ, and sample-flipper from Philadelphia. As a writer, his work has appeared in NPR Music, Bandcamp Daily, Jazz Tokyo,, and more. He is also the host of Culture Cypher Radio, a hip-hop radio show on NPR member station WXPN.