Bill Jerome

Program Host

Bill Jerome is weekend program host.

Bill Jerome grew up around music. His mother had been a singer, and his father was a saxophonist, bandleader, and producer of commercial “jingles” for radio and television. Bill and his three brothers were raised in a Long Island home which doubled as a waypoint for players en route to gigs. It was a venue where a variety of music was created and enjoyed.

Playing tenor saxophone in high school band, Bill also took up writing and the visual arts. What followed was a media career that has included newspaper and magazine journalism, free-lance photography, and — over the past four decades — radio.

At The Classical Network, Bill’s appetite for composition finds an outlet on weekend mornings, programming from a palette of the world’s most enduring music. As Bill says, “It’s a privilege spending time with our uniquely passionate,  supportive listeners, providing mood and melody for their day by combining the sounds of centuries.”

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