Bill Zagorski

Program Host

Bill Zagorski has been a classical host at WWFM since 1996. He recalls visiting his uncle, Joseph Apanasewicz, at age 10 and hearing on the radio the slow movement of a late Haydn symphony. He was both enchanted and irrevocably hooked. He came of age at the start of the LP era (his house now contains some 4,000 discs) and realized that the best way to get further into this music was to secure a portable record player, which he financed by acquiring a paper route – and he has continued to upgrade his amplifiers and speakers over the years.

He began his career at Rutgers University as an electronic technician at The Division of Instructional Television, and eventually gravitated to the Production Department later headed by Bob Rippon, who produced and directed The Howdy Doody show from its beginning to its demise. Bill became the Division’s Senior Producer/Director lording over an endless series of General Biology episodes and ultimately co-producing public affairs programs for ABC TV and WNET. “Symposium” aired on Channel 13, a PBS affiliate, in prime time, and was hosted by Rutgers President Edward J. Bloustein, who co-wrote the programs’ opening moments and their following mini-documentaries with Bill.

Bill also worked at Union County Community College as an instructor in television production techniques and wrote copy and liner notes for The Musical Heritage Society and record reviews for Fanfare Magazine. His bottom line: “Every experience is valuable. One never knows where they will lead.”

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