Carey M. Hamilton, Sr.

Volunteer host for Keeping Jazz Alive and Blues with a Feelin'

Carey is the host of Keeping Jazz Alive and Blues with a Feelin'.   Keeping Jazz Alive airs every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm, and you can hear Blues with a Feelin'  can be heard every fourth Sunday from 8-10pm, eastern; with a re-air the following Wednesday. 

He also works as producer for All in the Details with Mr. James White, III, also heard on JazzOn2 on Tuesdays.

Ways to Connect

This Sunday evening, (11-10) at 11:00 on Half Past we'll hear the Kronos Quartet in Glass's String Quartet No. 5.  Also on the program: Three Movements for Four Horns by Kerry Turner and the Piano Concerto No. 1 by Rautavaara.