The Dress Circle: Questionable Love Songs for Valentine's Day

Feb 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day is creeping up, and The Dress Circle will be all about love this week (2/11  7:00 p.m.) with songs that ask some musical questions from some rather unfamiliar shows.  We’ll begin with a few “love” songs with titles that just were just too good to resist like “Kiss Me and Kill Me with Love” from “Ankles Aweigh” and “I Love You Like a Table” from “Waitress,” but the bulk of the show will be a series of songs that ask a variety of questions about love like “Must It Be Love?” from “Bajour,” “Why Did You Make Me Love You?” from “Radio Gals,” and “Where Is Love?” 

(No, not that one) from “Avenue X.”   We’ll also be including songs from “Catch Me if I Fall,” “Divorce Me, Darling,” “Tess,” and “Zanna Don’t!” among others.  The Dress Circle is beginning its 35th year on The Classical Network, and we’re thankful to everyone who supports the station for having allowed us to do something we love for so many years.