The Dress Circle: The Rodgers Dynasty (Richard Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, and Adam Guettel)

Sep 16, 2018

Richard Rodgers, Mary Rodgers, and Adam Guettel along with three of their well known shows.

There have been many musical dynasties over the years, and we’ll be looking at one of them on this week’s Dress Circle (9/16 7:00 p.m.) when we look at the dynasty that began with Richard Rodgers, continued with his daughter Mary Rodgers, and is currently represented by Mary’s son, Adam Guettel.  From Richard, we’ll hear a medley of many of his familiar songs arranged by Peter Nero.  To represent Mary’s work, we’ll look at her musicals “Once Upon a Mattress” and “The Mad Show” along with a song she contributed to “Working.”  

As a sample of Adam’s work, we’ll turn to his scores for “Light in the Piazza” and “Floyd Collins” because we’re sure we’ll be hearing much more from him.