The Dress Circle: A Show of "Moment Moments"

May 20, 2018

Among the many definitions of a “moment,” the first is “a minute portion or point of time: instant,” and on this week’s Dress Circle (5/20 7:00 p.m.), we’ll be looking at a series of “Moment Moments.”  We were surprised by how important moments are in musicals, and we had many shows from which to choose songs.  Some of those are “Do I Hear a Waltz?”, “Budgie,” “Into the Woods,” “Promenade,” “King: A Musical Testimony,” “Lady in the Dark,” “Salvation,” and “Tarzan” to name a few.  With that in mind, we hope you’ll join us and "Take the Moment" before "The Moment Has Passed" because "Waiting for the Moment," "Every Single Moment," might just "Let the Moment Slip by"!