The Dress Circle: Songs by Schmidt and Jones

Nov 24, 2018

The composing team of Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones enjoyed a collaboration that lasted over 60 years but are still probably best known for only one of their shows, "The Fantasticks."  We thought we'd remedy that on this week’s Dress Circle and take a look at some of their work which may not be that familiar from shows such as the Julius Monk revue “Demi-Dozen.”  

Some of the other shows include the ritualistic "Celebration," a musical based on N. Richard Nash’s “The Rainmaker” entitled "110 in the Shade," and "I Do, I Do!," a musical version of Jan de Hartog’s “The Fourposter.”  We’ll also be showcasing some songs that were cut from various musicals and never appeared on stage as well as songs that appeared in shows at their experimental Portfolio Studio.