The Dress Circle: From "Tell Me on a Sunday" to "Song and Dance"

Dec 8, 2018

After EVITA, Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to work on something a bit less massive, and on this week’s Dress Circle (12/2 7:00 p.m.), we’ll look at that smaller show’s beginnings on TV and growth into a full evening for the stage.  The musical is “Tell Me on a Sunday” and tells the story of a British girl’s relationship adventures in the United States.  The television special starred Marti Webb, and she also appeared in the West End production when it became “Song and Dance” with the addition of Webber’s “Variations” which he wrote for his cellist brother Julian.  

We’ll look at both of these as well as performances in London by Sarah Brightman and Denise Van Outen along with Bernadette Peter’s Broadway turn.