The Dress Circle: Theatregoing for Which We Are Thankful

Nov 17, 2018

Teaching has its side effects, and one of those is the need for “calendar art”!  The Dress Circle program this week (11/18 7:00 p.m.) is an off-shoot of that need as we present a Thanksgiving program – of sorts.  In the past, we’ve looked at family, food, and “thanks” as themes, but this time, we wanted to share with you some of the theatergoing events for which we’ve been thankful over the years.  

We’ll begin with our first shows which have indelible places in our hearts.  For Ted, it was Gwen Verdon in “New Girl in Town.”  For Michael, it was Jerry, Gwen, and Chita in “Chicago.”  We’re also so very thankful for the opportunity to see the original London version of Stephen Schwartz’s “Children of Eden” which has given us wonderfully fond memories.  We’ll also have selections from other shows that have meant a great deal to us like “Cabaret,” “70, Girls, 70,” and “Follies.”  There’ll be plenty more as we reminisce about some of the shows that mean so very much to us.  Please join us for an hour of some of our fondest memories that we’d love to share with you – the people for whom we’re also thankful: our extended musical family.