Students Research, Write Children's Book on Florence Price

Nov 18, 2021

When students at the Special Music School at Kaufman Music Center wanted to learn more about Florence Price, they found little accessible material. Price, the first African-American woman who had a piece performed by a major U.S. orchestra, has been gaining attention since some of her works were discovered in a house outside Chicago, and the students decided to help answer the question, "Who is Florence Price?" by writing their own book. Originally self-published, the book was just released by G. Schirmer/Wise Music Group as its first children's book, and this Saturday (11/20 at 7 pm) on A Tempo, host Rachel Katz speaks with some of the participants.

Guests will be Kate Sheeran, executive director of the Kaufman Music Center; Shannon Potts, a faculty member at the Special Music School; student and illustrator Nikita Gontarczyk; and G. Schirmer/Wise Music Group President Robert Thompson.

(Photo: Students at the Special Music School perform a choral work by Price at the book launch of Who is Florence Price?)