The Sunday Opera: Dame Ethel Smyth's "The Wreckers"

Feb 7, 2019

We’re heading to the Cornish coast of England for this week’s Sunday Opera (2/10 3:00 p.m.) and Dame Ethel Smyth’s “The Wreckers.”  Set in an unnamed village in the mid-18th century where the people make their living not through fishing but by scavenging from the ships that are wrecked on their treacherous coastline, the story deals with two moral dilemmas: stopping the carnage of ships and sailors enabled by the village and acting on a forbidden love for another man’s wife.  

The cast includes Anne-Marie Owens, Justin Lavender, Peter Sidhom, David Wilson-Johnson, Judith Howath, and Anthony Roden and is conducted by Odaline de la Martinez.  After the opera, host Michael Kownacky has planned an afternoon filled with more music of Smyth including her Mass in D and her Concerto for Violin, Horn.