A Tempo: Houston Symphony, Grand Opera Look Back on Post-Harvey Season

Jul 5, 2018

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the performing arts organizations located in the city's deluged arts district faced some difficult challenges as they sought to keep their planned seasons intact. This Saturday on A Tempo (7/7 at 7 pm), host Rachel Katz checks in with the Houston Symphony and Houston Grand Opera about how the hurricane impacted their plans, and how these organizations rebounded and worked around the challenges thrown at them throughout the season.

Houston Grand Opera relocated its post-Harvey season performances to the George R. Brown Convention Center, creating a temporary venue it named "HGO Resilience Theater."
Members of the Houston Symphony perform for residents displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Rachel will interview Houston Symphony CEO and Executive Director John Mangum, who took over the position this past Spring, about how the symphony responded, including sending its musicians to perform for those in evacuation shelters; and Houston Grand Opera Managing Director Perryn Leech, about the extent of damage faced by the flooding and the opera's relocation to its makeshift "Resilience Theater."