A Tempo: Lincoln Center Explores Option to Curtail Mobile Phone Interruptions

Oct 31, 2019

At a recent performance at Lincoln Center, audience members could opt to put their (shut off) phones in a locked Yondr pouch during the performance that could be unlocked during intermission or after the concert.

Ensembles and concert venues have struggled over what to do with audiences attached to their mobile phones, with some choosing to ban the devices outright, while others have introduced apps that allow the audience to interact with the performance during the show. Lincoln Center is the latest venue to explore its options, bringing in the company Yondr to offer concert goers the option of locking their phones in a pouch during four of the classical performances in Lincoln Center's White Light Festival. A Tempo host Rachel Katz this Saturday (11/2 at 7 pm) speaks with Lincoln Center's Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Leah Johnson and several attendees at a recent performance about the pilot program and cell phone etiquette at concerts.

Lincoln Center introduced its Yondr pilot project during its White Light Festival, which included a performance by baritone Christian Gerhaher and pianist Gerold Huber.
Credit Stephanie Berger