A Tempo: NEA Grant Seeks to Support Veterans and Military Veterans Through the Arts

Sep 30, 2021

The National Endowment for the Arts recently announced its Creative Forces Community Engagement Grant to support programs that offer arts and music programs for veterans, members of the military and their families. A Tempo host Rachel Katz this Saturday (10/2 at 7 pm) looks at the program and some existing initiatives in a conversation with Bill O'Brien, Project Director for Creative Forces, Christine Bial, Director of Arts and Humanities Grant-Making at Mid-America Arts Alliance, which is partnering with NEA on the grant program, and Dr. Niyati Dhokai, Program Director for the Veterans and the Arts Initiative at George Mason University, which hosts guitar and ukulele workshops for military families.

(Photo: Ukulele workshop for veterans and military families at Veterans and the Arts Initiative at George Mason University. Photo courtesy of Dr. Niyati Dhokai)