A Tempo: NY Philharmonic Archivist On Legacy of Bernstein, Other Historic Leaders (Part 2)

Aug 16, 2018

A Tempo this Saturday (8/18 at 7 pm) concludes its conversation with Barbara Haws, archivist and historian for the New York Philharmonic, who is retiring this month after 34 years in the position. Haws next plans to pursue her Doctorate at Oxford, focusing on Ureli Corelli Hill, who founded the Philharmonic in 1842.

Host Rachel Katz will speak with Haws about some of the Philharmonic's iconic leaders, including Gustav Mahler and Leonard Bernstein, as well as her plans to study Hill's diary and what can tell us about music and musicians in 19-century America.

Credit Chris Lee

The program will also include an interview with Philadelphia Orchestra Vice President of Artistic Planning Jeremy Rothman about the orchestra's one-day showcase, in collaboration with the American Composers Orchestra, to rehearse and record works by six women composers.