A Tempo: Prototype Festival Nurtures, Promotes New Operas and Composers

Jan 20, 2018

Innovation is alive and well in the opera world, particularly at smaller and more creative opera companies and festivals. This week, A Tempo spotlights the sixth annual Prototype Festival in New York City, which runs Jan. 7 - 20. This year's Festival presented seven productions, including several world and U.S. premieres. A Tempo host Rachel Katz will speak with two of the Festival's co-directors, Kristin Marting, co-founder and artistic director of the producing organization and arts center HERE, and Jecca Barry, general manager of Beth Morrison Projects, a contemporary opera and music theater company. Tune in Saturday (1/20) at 7 pm. 

Prototype Festival co-directors Beth Morrison, Jecca Barry, Kim Whitener, and Kristin Marting.
Credit Raul Zbengheci