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Dancers Offer Immersive 'Art Baths' in New Salon Series

The Art Spa Salon series events take place in a converted electrical factory in New York.

A Tempo this Saturday (9/17) features an interview with the co-founder of Art Bath Salon, a performance series bringing together various artistic forms, including dance, music, theater and the visual arts, for immersive artistic experiences.

During the pandemic, three dancers from the Metropolitan Opera Ballet imagined a new type of creative event that brought together a diverse range of artists, including those in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts. The result was Art Bath Salon, a performance series held at a converted Manhattan electrical factory where an audience might enjoy an evening that includes a little opera, some ballet, a theremin performance and a sculpture display. The series launched last Spring, and its producers just announced its upcoming Fall season. A Tempo host Rachel Katz this week speaks with dancer Cesar Abreu, one of the co-founders and producers of Art Bath, about the concept and the upcoming Fall season. Listen at 7 pm.

Van Truong