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New Violin Composition to be Premiered at UN Holocaust Memorial Ceremony

Luke Ratray

A Tempo this Saturday (1/21 at 7 pm) features a conversation with composer Victoria Bond, whose new solo violin piece, Sorrow's Springs are the Same, will be premiered Jan. 27 at the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony.

Music can be a powerful way to touch emotions and connect people, one reason why the annual United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony incorporates musical elements into its program. This year's memorial, which will take place Friday Jan. 27, will feature a new composition by Victoria Bond. The solo violin work based in part on a melody and poem, each of a which have held a very personal meaning to Bond since her school days, and was previewed this past November during a panel discussion on music and the Holocaust. This week on A Tempo, Bond joins host Rachel Katz to talk about the inspiration for the work and her own family connection to the Holocaust. The program also includes a conversation with Tracey Petersen, manager of the Holocaust and United Nations Outreach Programme.

Rachel Katz is the host of A Tempo which airs Saturdays at 7 pm.
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