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B&K Cafe Prime Time - Friday Night at 8 pm

B&K Care

This Friday night (7/8), enjoy two hours of B&K Cafe featuring hosts Bill McGlaughlin and Karrin Allyson.

In lieu of the usual Friday night concert broadcast, this week features two hours B&K Cafe, which usually airs on the third Friday of each month at 6 pm. The inspiration for the monthly program came from hosts Bill McGlaughlin (also host of Exploring Music) and his life partner, jazz pianist/vocalist Karrin Allyson during the pandemic, when they were stuck in their New York apartment, and the result is an informal hour of music programming that spans the gamut from classical to jazz to pop and beyond in a warm, inviting and entertaining atmosphere.

This week's prime-time double-feature presents two episodes appropriate for the season as many of us hit the vacation road for summer: "Here, There and Everywhere" and "Summer Song." Tune in at the special time of 8 pm.