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The Ideal Chopin Etudes Op. 10

On this week's episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, The Classical Network's Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler presents all twelve Chopin Etudes Op. 10, with a different pianist in each etude, and without repeating a pianist.

"An 'ideal' list does not mean that these are the 'best' performances of each etude," Distler explains. "It means that there are hopefully no weak links. I also aim to represent pianists representing different generations, schools and philosophies of Chopin playing."

However, Distler won't identify the pianists here, because he wants you to find out who they are by tuning in and listening to Between the Keys, Tuesday June 7th at 10 PM, with a rebroadcast Wednesday June 8th at noon, exclusively on The Classical Network and

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Jed Distler is Artist-in-Residence for The Classical Network and program host of Between the Keys, Tuesdays at 10 pm.