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Those Who Can II

You know the old adage "Those who can't, teach?"

It's thoroughly disproven on this week's episode of the ASCAP Deems Taylor/Virgil Thomson Award winning program Between the Keys, when The Classical Network's Artist-in-Residence Jed Distler showcases prominent piano pedagogues who unquestionably deliver the goods.

Featured artists include Gaby Casadesus, Béla Böszörményi-Nagy, Frank Scott, William Grant Naboré, John Perry, Ania Dorfmann and Howard Karp.

Tune into Between the Keys this Friday at 3:00 PM, with the rebroadcast Saturday at 6:00 PM, exclusively on The Classical Network and

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Jed Distler is Artist-in-Residence for The Classical Network and program host of Between the Keys, Tuesdays at 10 pm.