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The Lost Chord: February 5 - Ida Danced All Night


Ida Rubinstein gained notoriety for her racy sensuality. She performed the Dance of the Seven Veils in a production of Oscar Wilde’s Salome. Subsequently, she was welcomed into the Ballets Russes, where she assumed the roles of Cleopatra and Scheherazade. Later, she introduced Ravel’s Bolero and Stravinsky’s The Fairy’s Kiss. Hear music for two of her lesser-known characterizations: Istar, the Assyrian goddess of love and war, a work of Vincent d’Indy; and Semiramis, the queen with seemingly unquenchable desire, by Arthur Honegger. Everyone loves Ida, this Sunday at 10 pm.

Ross Amico is program host, and host of Picture Perfect which airs Saturdays at 6 pm and The Lost Chord which airs Sundays at 10 pm.